• Panasonic MINAS A5  MHMD042G34N Servo Motor 200V 400W

Panasonic MINAS A5 Family MHMD042G34N Servo Motor 200V 400W

Spec Detail

Part NumberMHMD042G34N
DetailsServo motor with Gear reducer, High inertia, Lead wire type, IP44
Family NameMINAS A5
SeriesMHMD Series
TypeHigh inertia
About Enclosureat gear reducer
Environmental ConditionsFor more details, please refer to the instruction manual.
Motor lead-out configurationLead wire
Motor encoder connectorLead wire
Power supply capacity (kVA)0.9
Voltage specifications200 V
Rated output400 W
Rated current (A (rms))0.9
Holding brakewithout
Mass (kg)4.6
Gear reduction ratio1/25
Gear typeFor high precision
[About Characteristic of Gear Reducer]The output, rated rotational speed, maximum rotational speed, rated torque, instantaneous maximum torque of the geared servomotor are values on the output shaft of the gear.
Output (W)332
Rated torque (N ⋅ m)26.4
Momentary Max. peak torque (N ⋅ m)79.2
Max. current (A (o-p))11.0
Regenerative brake frequency (times/min)Without option :No limit
With option :No limit
Option (External regenerative resistor) Part No. : DV0P4283
Rated rotational speed (r/min)120
Rated rotational Max. speed (r/min)200
Moment of inertia of rotor ( x10-4 kg ⋅ m²)0.97
Recommended moment of inertia ratio of the load and the rotor10 times or smaller
Rotary encoder: specifications20-bit Incremental system
Rotary encoder: Resolution1048576

Permissible load

Radial load (N)2060
Thrust load (N)1030

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Panasonic MINAS A5 MHMD042G34N Servo Motor 200V 400W

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