Kontron Industrial ETX Geode 266MHz 18003-0000-26-1

Introducing the Kontron Industrial ETX Geode 266MHz 18003-0000-26-1, a robust and versatile embedded computing solution designed to meet the demands of industrial-grade applications. Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, this ETX module from Kontron boasts cutting-edge technology, delivering exceptional performance in a compact form factor.

Superior Performance: Powered by a Geode 266MHz processor, this industrial-grade ETX module offers optimal processing capabilities, ensuring seamless operation and swift execution of tasks even in challenging environments. Its high-performance architecture empowers it to handle complex computations efficiently.

Industrial-Grade Reliability: Crafted to withstand extreme conditions, the Kontron ETX Geode module guarantees reliability in harsh industrial settings. Its robust design, coupled with extensive testing for durability and stability, ensures consistent performance in temperature-varying, vibration-prone, and demanding operational environments.

Versatile Connectivity: Equipped with a comprehensive array of connectivity options including USB, Ethernet, serial interfaces, and more, this ETX module facilitates seamless integration into diverse industrial systems. Its flexibility enables easy adaptation to varying connectivity requirements, enhancing overall system functionality.

Compact Form Factor: The compact and standardized ETX form factor makes integration effortless, allowing for easy deployment and space optimization in embedded applications. Its small footprint and standardized pin layout ensure compatibility and ease of replacement or upgrade within existing systems.

Optimized for Industrial Applications: Tailored for industrial automation, control systems, kiosks, and other embedded applications, the Kontron Industrial ETX Geode 266MHz module excels in providing the necessary computing power for critical operations. Its reliability and performance make it an ideal choice for industrial scenarios demanding consistent and dependable functionality.

Future-Ready and Scalable: Designed with scalability in mind, the Kontron ETX module allows for future upgrades and expansion, ensuring longevity and adaptability to evolving technological requirements.

Optimize your industrial operations with the Kontron Industrial ETX Geode 266MHz 18003-0000-26-1, a reliable, high-performance embedded computing solution engineered to meet the rigorous demands of industrial applications.

Kontron Industrial ETX Geode 266MHz 18003-0000-26-1

  • Brand: Kontron
  • Product Code: 18003-0000-26-1
  • Availability: 1000

Tags: Kontron, Industrial Computing, Embedded System, ETX Module, Geode Processor, 266MHz CPU, Industrial Automation, Compact Form Factor

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