• Mitsubishi 2D-TZ535-EIP-SET Robot Network Interface EtherNet/IP

Mitsubishi 2D-TZ535-EIP-SET Robot Network Interface EtherNet/IP

Introduction: The Mitsubishi 2D-TZ535-EIP-SET Robot Network Interface EtherNet/IP is an advanced solution designed to seamlessly integrate with industrial automation systems, offering unparalleled connectivity and efficiency. This cutting-edge interface sets a new standard in robotics by enabling swift communication and precise control over EtherNet/IP networks.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Connectivity: The interface establishes a robust connection between Mitsubishi industrial robots and EtherNet/IP networks, ensuring uninterrupted data transmission and real-time control.

  2. Enhanced Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of Mitsubishi industrial robots, it facilitates effortless integration into existing automation setups, minimizing installation complexities.

  3. High-Speed Communication: Experience high-speed data transfer, enabling rapid command execution and synchronization between the robot and connected devices for optimal performance.

  4. Remote Monitoring and Control: Enable remote monitoring and control functionalities, allowing operators to oversee operations from a centralized location, enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility.

  5. Precision and Accuracy: This interface ensures precise and accurate control over robot movements and tasks, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance in industrial settings.

  6. User-Friendly Configuration: With intuitive configuration tools, setting up and adjusting parameters becomes straightforward, reducing setup time and enhancing user convenience.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: Mitsubishi 2D-TZ535-EIP-SET
  • Network Protocol: EtherNet/IP
  • Compatibility: Mitsubishi industrial robots
  • Data Transfer Rate: High-speed transmission
  • Control: Remote monitoring and control capabilities
  • Precision: Ensures high precision and accuracy in operations
  • Configuration: User-friendly configuration tools for easy setup

Application Areas: This advanced interface finds applications across diverse industrial sectors such as automotive manufacturing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and more, where precise and efficient robotic operations are paramount.

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The Mitsubishi 2D-TZ535-EIP-SET Robot Network Interface EtherNet/IP represents the pinnacle of connectivity and control in industrial robotics. With its seamless integration capabilities, high-speed communication, and user-friendly design, it empowers industries to achieve unparalleled efficiency and precision in their automation processes.


Interface Type ETHERNET/IP  
European Order Code 282409
Product hierarchy IAG23209
Class Description FA-Robot: Interface Card
External Material Group Standard Material
Logistic Class B
Gross Weight 0.46  KG
Volume 4.945  CDM
Length 22 CM
Width 14,5 CM
Height 15,5 CM
Commodity Code 84799070
Country of Origin DE
Selling Status Standard  

RoHS Compliance COMPLIANT  
REACH Limit Exceeded NO  
Dangerous Goods Regulations NO

Mitsubishi 2D-TZ535-EIP-SET Robot Network Interface EtherNet/IP

  • Brand: Mitsubishi
  • Product Code: 2D-TZ535-EIP-SET
  • Availability: 1000

Tags: Mitsubishi 2D-TZ535-EIP-SET, Robot Network Interface, EtherNet/IP, Industrial Automation, High-Speed Connectivity, Precise Control, Remote Monitoring

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