• Fanuc A16B-3200-0490 Board - Precision Industrial Automation Component

Fanuc A16B-3200-0490 Board

The Fanuc A16B-3200-0490 Board represents the pinnacle of precision engineering in industrial automation. Designed by Fanuc, a global leader in CNC systems and robotics, this board embodies reliability, efficiency, and advanced technological prowess.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Compatibility: The A16B-3200-0490 Board seamlessly integrates into various Fanuc systems, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.

  • Robust Construction: Crafted with premium materials and built to endure rigorous industrial environments, guaranteeing long-term reliability and optimal performance.

  • High Precision Processing: Employs cutting-edge technology to deliver precise and accurate control signals, enhancing the overall efficiency of automated processes.

  • Versatile Functionality: Enables a wide array of applications across industries, from machining and manufacturing to robotics, ensuring versatility in operational contexts.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number: A16B-3200-0490
  • Dimensions: [Provide exact dimensions]
  • Weight: [Specify weight]
  • Compatibility: Compatible with [list compatible models, systems, or machinery]
  • Input/Output Ports: [Detail the types and quantity of ports]
  • Operating Temperature: [Specify operating temperature range]
  • Power Requirements: [Detail power requirements]


  • Enhanced Productivity: Optimizes workflow and minimizes downtime, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

  • Reliability: Built to withstand demanding operational conditions, ensuring consistent performance over extended periods.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Offers a cost-efficient solution by reducing maintenance needs and enhancing overall system longevity.

  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrates with existing systems, minimizing installation complexities.


  • Manufacturing: Ideal for CNC machining, milling, and other precision manufacturing processes.

  • Robotics: Facilitates seamless communication and control within robotic systems for enhanced automation.

  • Industrial Automation: Vital component for automated systems across diverse industrial sectors.

SEO Optimized Description:

The Fanuc A16B-3200-0490 Board stands as a testament to innovation in industrial automation technology. Crafted with precision and engineered for compatibility, reliability, and versatility, this board elevates operational efficiency across manufacturing, robotics, and industrial automation domains. Its robust construction, precise signal control, and seamless integration capabilities make it an indispensable asset, ensuring optimal performance and productivity in demanding industrial environments.

For those seeking a high-performance board that delivers reliability, precision, and seamless compatibility, the Fanuc A16B-3200-0490 Board stands as the pinnacle choice. Invest in excellence and elevate your automation systems to new heights with this cutting-edge technology.

Fanuc A16B-3200-0490 Board - Precision Industrial Automation Component

  • Brand: Fanuc
  • Product Code: A16B-3200-0490
  • Availability: 1000

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