Panasonic AFPX-E30T FPX-E30T Expansion Unit

Enhance the capabilities of your Panasonic control system with the AFPX-E30T FPX-E30T Expansion Unit. Designed to deliver seamless integration and superior performance, this expansion unit is a versatile solution for expanding the functionality of your control applications.

Key Features:

  1. Expandability: The AFPX-E30T is engineered to provide extensive expandability, allowing you to scale your control system according to the evolving needs of your applications.

  2. High-Speed Processing: With advanced processing capabilities, this expansion unit ensures high-speed performance, enabling swift and efficient execution of control tasks.

  3. Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly integrate with Panasonic control systems, the AFPX-E30T FPX-E30T Expansion Unit ensures compatibility and smooth operation within your existing setup.

  4. Reliability: Panasonic is synonymous with reliability, and the AFPX-E30T is no exception. Count on consistent and dependable performance for your critical control applications.

  5. Enhanced Functionality: Take advantage of the enhanced functionality offered by the AFPX-E30T, whether you're involved in industrial automation, process control, or other applications requiring precise and reliable control.

  6. Compact Design: The compact design of the expansion unit makes it easy to integrate into your control system without occupying excessive space, ensuring optimal use of your equipment footprint.


  • Industrial Automation: Perfect for industrial automation applications, the AFPX-E30T expansion unit provides the necessary tools to streamline processes and enhance operational efficiency.

  • Process Control: Optimize your process control applications with the expanded capabilities of the AFPX-E30T, ensuring precise control and monitoring.

  • Machine Control: Whether you're controlling a single machine or an entire production line, this expansion unit empowers you with the control and flexibility needed for efficient operations.

Why Choose Panasonic?

Panasonic is a trusted name in the industry, known for delivering cutting-edge technology and reliable solutions. The AFPX-E30T FPX-E30T Expansion Unit is a testament to Panasonic's commitment to quality and innovation.

Upgrade your control system with the Panasonic AFPX-E30T FPX-E30T Expansion Unit, and experience the next level of control and automation. Order now to unlock enhanced capabilities for your applications.

Panasonic AFPX-E30T FPX-E30T Expansion Unit - High-Performance Control System Enhancer

  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Product Code: AFPX-E30T
  • Availability: 1000

Tags: Panasonic, AFPX-E30T, FPX-E30T, Expansion Unit, Control System, Industrial Automation, Process Control, Machine Control, High-Speed Processing, Reliable Performance, Compact Design

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