Delta AH16AM30N-5A PLC: Enhancing Automation Precision

The Delta AH16AM30N-5A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a pinnacle of precision and reliability in industrial automation. Engineered by Delta, a globally acclaimed leader in automation technology, this PLC model stands out for its unparalleled performance, robust design, and seamless integration capabilities.

Unmatched Performance: At the core of the Delta AH16AM30N-5A PLC lies a potent combination of cutting-edge hardware and sophisticated software. Equipped with a 32-bit RISC processor, it boasts lightning-fast processing speeds, ensuring swift and accurate execution of commands. With a generous memory capacity and high-speed I/O response, this PLC offers a level of efficiency that is unparalleled in the industry.

Robust Design: Designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, the Delta AH16AM30N-5A PLC is built to last. Its sturdy construction adheres to stringent quality standards, providing resistance against dust, moisture, and temperature variations. This ensures uninterrupted operation even in the most challenging conditions, contributing to increased uptime and productivity.

Seamless Integration: Compatibility and integration are at the forefront of the AH16AM30N-5A model. Its open architecture allows effortless integration with various devices and systems, facilitating a streamlined automation process. It supports multiple communication protocols, enabling seamless connectivity with other machinery and control systems, ensuring a cohesive and efficient operation.

Key Features:

  • Versatile I/O Options: The AH16AM30N-5A PLC offers a diverse range of input and output options, accommodating various industrial applications.
  • Advanced Programming: Utilizing Delta's intuitive programming environment, users can develop complex automation tasks with ease.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control: Its remote access capabilities empower users to monitor and control operations from anywhere, enhancing flexibility and convenience.

Applications: The Delta AH16AM30N-5A PLC finds its application across a spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, energy, and more. From process automation to machinery control, its versatility and reliability make it an indispensable component in achieving operational excellence.

Conclusion: In summary, the Delta AH16AM30N-5A PLC stands as a testament to Delta's commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of industrial automation. Its blend of high-performance capabilities, rugged design, and seamless integration make it a preferred choice for businesses seeking to optimize their automation processes, drive efficiency, and elevate overall productivity.

Empower your industrial automation with the Delta AH16AM30N-5A PLC – the pinnacle of precision and reliability.


Utilizes 32-bit processor

Excellent program execution speed:LD instruction execution speed 0.02µs

Max. I/O points:

- DIO: Max. 4,352 points

- AIO: Max. 544 channels

- RIO>100,000 points

Program capacity:Max 1M steps (4MB)

Data register (D+L) 512 words

Built-in RS-232/485 multi-modes communication port x1 (RS-232:115.2kbps/ RS-485: 921.6kbps)

Built-in Ethernet communication port (100Mbps)

Built-in SD card slot (supports max. 32GB)

Built-in Mini-USB programming port

System diagnosis /status light/online editing and debug functions

PLC Link automatic data exchange function



- Scanner & Adapter mode

- Supports I/O connection & explicit message 

- Connections: TCP = 128; CIP = 256

- RPI: 1~1,000ms 

- 250 words /connection

- LD/SFC/FBD/IL/ST languages

256 interrupts (Timed/IO/External/ Low voltage/Communication)

Redundant mode only supports timed interrupt

2048 timers and counters

No battery required

RTC function (max. 30 days after power off)

NTP network time correction function

WEB/E-mail/IP Filter function

Supports redundant system

- CPU switch-over time: 20ms

- Built-in sync. Module

Delta AH16AM30N-5A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) - Precision Automation Solution

  • Brand: Delta
  • Product Code: AH16AM30N-5A
  • Availability: 1000

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