Delta AH32AM10N-5B PLC: Precision Control and Enhanced Performance

The Delta AH32AM10N-5B PLC stands as a pinnacle of precision and efficiency in industrial automation, designed meticulously by Delta Electronics, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions. This programmable logic controller (PLC) is engineered to deliver seamless automation and control in a wide array of applications, ensuring optimal operational efficiency and reliability.

Unmatched Performance:

Featuring advanced processing capabilities, the Delta AH32AM10N-5B PLC operates at the forefront of technological innovation. Its high-speed processing unit enables swift execution of complex tasks, delivering real-time responses critical for precision control systems across industries.

Versatile Connectivity:

This PLC is equipped with a diverse range of communication interfaces, facilitating seamless integration with various industrial systems. Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, and USB ports provide extensive connectivity options, ensuring compatibility with a multitude of devices and networks.

Robust Design:

Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, the Delta AH32AM10N-5B PLC boasts a rugged design that ensures durability and reliability in challenging conditions. Its robust construction ensures consistent performance in extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibration-prone settings.

Enhanced Functionality:

The versatility of this PLC extends to its programming capabilities. Compatible with various programming languages, including ladder logic and structured text, it empowers engineers and technicians to develop customized solutions tailored to specific automation needs.

Intelligent Control:

This PLC incorporates advanced algorithms and intuitive control mechanisms, enabling precise monitoring and regulation of industrial processes. Its intelligent control features contribute to optimized operations, energy efficiency, and reduced downtime.

  • Delta AH32AM10N-5B PLC
  • Industrial PLC with High-Speed Processing
  • Precision Programmable Logic Controller
  • Robust and Reliable Automation Solution
  • Delta Electronics PLC for Industrial Automation


The Delta AH32AM10N-5B PLC represents a pinnacle of innovation, offering unparalleled precision, reliability, and adaptability in industrial automation. With its advanced features, robust design, and seamless integration capabilities, it stands as a cornerstone for optimized control systems across diverse industrial sectors.

Explore the possibilities of enhanced automation and precision control with the Delta AH32AM10N-5B PLC, a testament to Delta Electronics' commitment to excellence in industrial automation technology.


Utilizes 32-bit processor

Excellent program execution speed:LD instruction execution speed 0.02µs

Max. I/O points:

- DIO: Max. 4,352 points

- AIO: Max. 544 channels

- RIO>100,000 points

Program capacity:Max 1M steps (4MB)

Data register (D+L) 512 words

Built-in RS-232/485 multi-modes communication port x1 (RS-232:115.2kbps/ RS-485: 921.6kbps)

Built-in Ethernet communication port (100Mbps)

Built-in SD card slot (supports max. 32GB)

Built-in Mini-USB programming port

System diagnosis /status light/online editing and debug functions

PLC Link automatic data exchange function



- Scanner & Adapter mode

- Supports I/O connection & explicit message 

- Connections: TCP = 128; CIP = 256

- RPI: 1~1,000ms 

- 250 words /connection

- LD/SFC/FBD/IL/ST languages

256 interrupts (Timed/IO/External/ Low voltage/Communication)

Redundant mode only supports timed interrupt

2048 timers and counters

No battery required

RTC function (max. 30 days after power off)

NTP network time correction function

WEB/E-mail/IP Filter function

Supports redundant system

- CPU switch-over time: 20ms

- Built-in sync. Module

Delta AH32AM10N-5B PLC: Precision Programmable Logic Controller by Delta Electronics

  • Brand: Delta
  • Product Code: AH32AM10N-5B
  • Availability: 1000

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