• Delta ASD-A2-0421-M 0.4Kw Servo Motor Driver - Precision Motion Control

Delta ASD-A2-0421-M 0.4Kw Servo Motor Drive

Empower Precision and Efficiency with Delta's ASD-A2-0421-M Servo Motor Drive

The Delta ASD-A2-0421-M 0.4Kw Servo Motor Driver stands as a pinnacle of precision engineering, offering unparalleled performance and control in motion-centric applications. Engineered by Delta Electronics, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, this driver epitomizes reliability, accuracy, and efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic Performance: The ASD-A2-0421-M delivers exceptional dynamic response, ensuring rapid and accurate positioning with minimal settling time. This feature is pivotal for applications demanding swift and precise movements.

  2. High Torque Density: With a power rating of 0.4Kw, this servo motor driver harnesses a remarkable torque density, providing substantial power in a compact form factor. It ensures optimal performance while conserving space in diverse applications.

  3. Advanced Control Algorithms: Leveraging advanced control algorithms, this driver guarantees enhanced stability and precise motor control, catering to intricate motion requirements across industrial and automation domains.

  4. Flexible Connectivity: Equipped with multiple communication interfaces, including RS-485 and CANopen, the ASD-A2-0421-M facilitates seamless integration into diverse control systems, enabling hassle-free operation and interoperability.

  5. Robust Construction: Built with industrial-grade components and adhering to stringent quality standards, this servo motor driver ensures longevity and reliability even in demanding operational environments.


  • CNC Machinery: Ensures high-precision motion control in CNC machining operations, enhancing productivity and accuracy.
  • Robotics: Enables precise movement and control in robotic applications, enhancing automation efficiency.
  • Packaging Equipment: Optimizes the performance of packaging machinery by delivering accurate and consistent motion control.
  • Industrial Automation: Enhances various industrial automation processes, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

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The Delta ASD-A2-0421-M 0.4Kw Servo Motor Drive represents the epitome of excellence in motion control technology. With its robust construction, advanced features, and unwavering performance, it stands as the ideal choice for applications demanding precision, reliability, and efficiency.

Invest in the Delta ASD-A2-0421-M to elevate your machinery's performance and unlock unparalleled precision in motion control.

Delta ASD-A2-0421-M 0.4Kw Servo Motor Driver - Precision Motion Control

  • Brand: Delta
  • Product Code: ASD-A2-0421-M
  • Availability: 1000

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