• Delta DVP04AD-SL Analog input module, 4 inputs, 16 bits

Delta DVP04AD-SL Analog Input Module: Enhanced Precision and Versatility

The Delta DVP04AD-SL Analog Input Module stands as a pinnacle of precision and versatility in industrial automation, offering exceptional functionality with its four input channels and 16-bit resolution. Engineered to meet the demands of modern industrial processes, this module integrates seamlessly into Delta's programmable logic controllers (PLCs), enhancing control, monitoring, and data acquisition capabilities.

Key Features:

High-Precision Analog Inputs:

The module boasts four high-accuracy analog input channels, each operating at a remarkable 16-bit resolution. This precision enables the detection and measurement of subtle changes in voltage or current with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring reliability in critical industrial applications.

Flexible Input Configurations:

Designed for adaptability, the DVP04AD-SL module accommodates various signal types, including voltage and current signals. Its versatility empowers users to connect and monitor different sensors and devices, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse industrial environments.

Seamless Integration:

Compatible with Delta's PLCs, the DVP04AD-SL module effortlessly integrates into existing automation systems, enabling a smooth transition and minimizing downtime during installation and upgrades. This compatibility streamlines workflows and enhances overall operational efficiency.

Robust and Reliable Build:

Crafted with robust materials and advanced engineering, this module ensures durability and reliability even in challenging industrial settings. Its rugged design withstands harsh environmental conditions, offering longevity and consistent performance.

Easy Configuration and Monitoring:

The user-friendly interface simplifies configuration and monitoring, allowing operators to effortlessly set parameters and visualize input data. This intuitive functionality reduces setup time and enhances productivity on the factory floor.


  • Industrial Process Control: Monitor and control various industrial processes with precision and reliability.
  • Data Acquisition: Accurately gather and analyze analog data for informed decision-making.
  • Automation Systems: Enhance the functionality of PLC-based automation systems with advanced input capabilities.

The Delta DVP04AD-SL Analog Input Module is an indispensable component for industries seeking enhanced precision, reliability, and adaptability in their automation solutions. Empower your operations with unparalleled accuracy and control, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Delta DVP04AD-SL Analog input module, 4 inputs, 16 bits

Electrical Specifications

Analog/Digital module

Voltage input

Current input

Power supply voltage

24VDC (-15% ~ +20%) / 3.5W

DVPPS01(PS02): input 100-240VAC, output 24VDC/1A(PS02: 2A)

Analog input channel

4 channels / each module

Range of analog input




0 ~ 20mA

4 ~ 20mA

Range of digital







Hardware Resolution

16 bits

16 bits

16 bits

15 bits

15 bits

Input impedance

< 0.5?

Overall accuracy

+-0.3% when in full scale (25°C, 77°F)

+-0.5% when in full scale within the range of 0 ~ 55°C (32 ~ 131°F)

Response time

250us / each channel

Max. output current

1K? ~ 2M?


Tolerance carried




Digital data format

2’s complement of 16 bits, 15 significant bits

Isolation method

Optical coupler isolation between digital circuits and analog circuits.

No isolation among analog channels.

500VDC between digital circuits and Ground

500VDC between analog circuits and Ground 

500VDC between analog circuits and digital circuits 

500VDC between 24VDC and Ground

Series connection to DVP-PLC MPU

Connectable to the left side of MPU, numbered from 100 to 107 according to the position of module from the closest to farthest to MPU.



Operation: 0°C~55°C (temp.), 50~95% (humidity), Pollution degree2

Storage: -25°C~70°C (temp.), 5~95% (humidity)



International standards: IEC61131-2, IEC 68-2-6 (TEST Fc)/

IEC61131-2 & IEC 68-2-27 (TEST Ea)

Delta DVP04AD-SL Analog input module, 4 inputs, 16 bits

  • Brand: Delta
  • Product Code: DVP04AD-SL
  • Availability: 1000

Tags: Delta DVP04AD-SL, Analog Input Module, 4 Inputs, 16 Bits, Industrial Automation

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