• Delta DVP80EH00T2 80 Point, 40DI/40DO (Transistor) 100~240 AC Power PLC

Delta DVP80EH00T2 80 Point, 40DI/40DO (Transistor) 100~240 AC Power PLC

Delta DVP-EH2 Series High Performance MPU


EH2 series is well equipped with outstanding operational speed, large programming capacity and built in application and communication instructions, multiple special extension modules and function cards, enabling the efficiency of the MPU to be utilized to its fullness.


MPU points: 16 / 20 / 32 / 40 / 48 / 64 / 80
Max. I/O points: 512
Program capacity: 16K Steps
Instruction execution speed: 0.24µS (basic instruction)
Communication port: Built-in RS-232 and RS-485, compatible with MODBUS ASCII / RTU communication protocol
Data register: 10,000 words
File register: 10,000 words
High-speed pulse output: 20-point and 32-point models support 2-point 200KHz pulse output (Y0, Y2); 40-point models support A/B phase 200KHz pulse output (Y0, Y1)(Y2, Y3) and 2-point 200KHz pulse output (Y4, Y6).
Built-in 4 groups of hardware high-speed counters


High-speed 3-axis servo welding machine, high-speed cutting machine, bar feeder, distributed monitor system in production line.

DVP-FEN01 Ethernet Communication Card

DVP32HP11R is in catalog 20120309,

DVP32HP11T is in catalog 20120309,

DVP08TC-H2 is in catalog 20120309, 

DVP08HM11N 8 Point, 8DI, 24V DC Power

DVP08HP11R 8 Point, 4DI / 4DO, Relay, 24V DC Power

DVP08HP11T 8 Point, 4DI / 4DO, Transistor, 24V DC Power

DVP08HN11R 8 Point, 8DO, Relay, 24V DC Power

DVP08HN11T 8 Point, 8DO, Transistor, 24V DC Power

DVP16HM11N 16 Point, 16DI, 24V DC Power

DVP16HP11R 16 Point, 8DI / 8DO, Relay, 24V DC Power

DVP16HP11T 16 Point, 8DI / 8DO, Transistor, 24V DC Power

DVP32HP00R 32 Point, 16DI / 16DO, Relay, 100-240V AC Power

DVP32HP00T 32 Point, 16DI / 16DO, Transistor, (100-240) V AC Power

DVP32HN00R 32 Point, 32DO, Relay, 24V DC Power

DVP32HN00T 32 Point, 32DO, Transistor, 24V DC Power

DVP48HP00R 48 Point, 24DI / 24DO, Relay, (100-240) V AC Power

DVP48HP00T 48 Point, 24DI / 24DO, Transistor, (100-240) V AC Power

DVP04AD-H2 4 Point AI, 14bit, 24V DC Power, with RS-485

DVP04DA-H2 4 Point AO, 12bit, 24V DC Power, with RS-485

DVP04PT-H2 4 Route PT100, 14bit (0.1 degree), 24V DC Power

DVP04TC-H2 4 Route K / J, 14bit (0.1C), 24V DC Power, with RS485

DVP06XA-H2 4 Route AI, 2 Route AO, 12bit, 24V DC Power, with RS-485

DVP01PU-H2 1 shift position module, max pulse: 200KPPS

DVP01HC-H2 1 CH High-speed counter module: 200KHz

DVP02HC-H2 2 CH High-speed counter module: 200KHz

DVPCP02-H2 CANopen industrial network slave module

DVPDT02-H2 DeviceNet industrial network slave module

DVPPF02-H2 ProfibusDP slave communication module

DVPDU01 Setting Panel

TP-PCC01 Program card for HMI TP

DVP-F232 RS232 Card D-SUB

DVP-F422 RS422 Card

DVP-F6VR 6 Route Potentiometer Input Card


DVP-F4IP 4 Route Light Coupling Input Card

DVP-F2OT 2 Route Transistor Output Card

DVP-F2AD 2 Route AI 12bit 0-10v 4-20mA

DVP-F2DA 2 Route AO 12bit

DVP-F232S RS232 Card (Slave) COM3, 9 PIN D-SUB

DVP-F485S RS485 Card (Slave) COM3, G-Type connector

Delta DVP80EH00T2 80 Point, 40DI/40DO (Transistor) 100~240 AC Power PLC

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  • Product Code: DVP80EH00T2
  • Availability: 1000

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