• Delta ECMA-E11310RS 1Kw High-Precision Servo Motor

Delta ECMA-E11310RS 1kW Servo Motor – Precision and Power for Industrial Automation

Introduction: The Delta ECMA-E11310RS 1kW Servo Motor represents a pinnacle of engineering excellence, tailored for high-precision industrial applications. With its cutting-edge technology and robust construction, this servo motor stands as a benchmark in the industry, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability.

Key Features:

  1. 1kW Power Output: Designed to deliver exceptional power, this servo motor is optimized for high-demand industrial operations, ensuring efficient performance in diverse applications.

  2. Precision Control: With advanced control algorithms and high-resolution encoders, the Delta ECMA-E11310RS ensures precise positioning and accuracy, meeting the stringent requirements of modern automation systems.

  3. High Torque Density: This motor boasts an impressive torque density, providing superior torque output within a compact footprint, optimizing space while maintaining exceptional performance.

  4. Dynamic Response: Its rapid response and dynamic characteristics make it ideal for applications requiring quick acceleration, deceleration, and precise motion control.

  5. Robust Construction: Engineered with durable materials and a reliable design, this servo motor ensures longevity and sustained performance even in demanding industrial environments.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: Delta ECMA-E11310RS
  • Power Rating: 1kW
  • Voltage: [Input voltage range]
  • Rated Speed: [Speed range]
  • Torque: [Torque rating]
  • Communication Interfaces: [Available communication protocols]
  • Operating Temperature Range: [Temperature range]
  • Enclosure Rating: [IP rating]
  • Dimensions: [Physical dimensions]


  • Industrial Automation: Perfect for CNC machinery, robotics, packaging, and printing applications.
  • Material Handling: Well-suited for conveyor systems, pick-and-place operations, and precise handling tasks.
  • Automated Manufacturing: Ideal for high-speed assembly lines and precision manufacturing processes.


  1. Enhanced Productivity: By offering precise control and high-speed operation, this servo motor optimizes production efficiency, reducing cycle times and enhancing overall productivity.

  2. Reliability: Its robust design ensures minimal downtime, contributing to a reliable and continuous operation in industrial settings.

  3. Versatility: Compatible with various control systems and adaptable to different applications, providing flexibility and ease of integration.

Conclusion: The Delta ECMA-E11310RS 1kW Servo Motor sets the standard for performance, reliability, and precision in industrial automation. Its advanced features, high torque density, and precise control make it an indispensable component for modern manufacturing processes, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

Delta ECMA-E11310RS 1Kw High-Precision Servo Motor

  • Brand: Delta
  • Product Code: ECMA-E11310RS
  • Availability: 1000

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