Unlock the power of seamless industrial computing with the Advantech PCA-6108P6 Board, a cutting-edge single board computer designed for robust performance and reliability in demanding industrial applications.

Key Features:

  1. Intel® Core™ Processors: The PCA-6108P6 is powered by Intel® Core™ processors, ensuring high-speed data processing and efficient multitasking capabilities. This translates to enhanced overall system performance and responsiveness.

  2. Expandable Memory: With support for up to [specify maximum RAM capacity], the PCA-6108P6 provides ample memory for data-intensive tasks, making it ideal for applications requiring extensive computational power.

  3. Robust Construction: Engineered for industrial environments, the PCA-6108P6 boasts a rugged design to withstand harsh conditions. Its durable build ensures longevity, making it a reliable solution for mission-critical operations.

  4. Versatile I/O Connectivity: The board features a comprehensive array of I/O ports, including [list specific ports, such as USB, LAN, serial ports, etc.], offering versatility in connecting various peripherals and devices.

  5. PCI Express Expansion Slots: With PCI Express expansion slots, the PCA-6108P6 provides scalability for future upgrades, allowing you to customize the board according to evolving system requirements.

  6. Wide Operating Temperature Range: Designed to operate in extreme temperatures, this Advantech SBC maintains stability and performance in environments with challenging thermal conditions.

  7. Long-Term Availability: Advantech is committed to providing long-term availability for the PCA-6108P6, ensuring consistent support for your industrial applications over an extended product lifecycle.


  • Industrial Automation: Enable precise control and monitoring in industrial automation systems.

  • Machine Vision: Power machine vision applications with the PCA-6108P6's high-speed processing capabilities.

  • Transportation: Ensure reliability in transportation systems with a rugged and durable computing solution.

  • Medical Imaging: Benefit from the board's computing power in medical imaging applications for faster diagnostics.

Invest in the Advantech PCA-6108P6 Board to elevate your industrial computing experience. With its powerful features, robust design, and adaptability to diverse applications, this single board computer sets the standard for dependable performance in challenging environments.

Advantech PCA-6108P6 Industrial-Grade Single Board Computer (SBC)

  • Brand: Advantech
  • Product Code: PCA-6108P6
  • Availability: 1000

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