• Advantech PCA-6135 ISA PC104 Board - Industrial-Grade Performance and Reliability

Advantech PCA-6135 ISA PC104 Board: Unleashing Robust Performance for Industrial Applications

Elevate your industrial computing capabilities with the Advantech PCA-6135 ISA PC104 Board, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the demands of rugged environments and critical applications. Engineered by Advantech, a trusted name in industrial computing, this PC104 board combines reliability, versatility, and high-performance computing to empower your systems.

Key Features:

  1. Industrial-Grade Reliability: The PCA-6135 board is built to withstand harsh industrial conditions. With a robust design and durable components, it ensures consistent performance even in challenging environments, making it an ideal choice for applications where reliability is paramount.

  2. ISA Interface Compatibility: The PCA-6135 features the ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) interface, offering seamless integration with legacy systems and peripherals. This ensures a smooth transition for users with existing ISA-based setups, eliminating compatibility concerns.

  3. Compact Form Factor: The PC104 form factor is known for its compact size without compromising performance. The Advantech PCA-6135 board adheres to this standard, making it suitable for space-constrained installations without sacrificing processing power.

  4. High-Performance Computing: Powered by advanced technology, the PCA-6135 delivers high-performance computing with its powerful processor and optimized architecture. This board is designed to handle complex tasks and data-intensive applications efficiently, ensuring optimal system responsiveness.

  5. Wide Operating Temperature Range: Whether deployed in scorching heat or freezing cold, the PCA-6135 remains steadfast. With a wide operating temperature range, this board excels in diverse industrial settings, offering the flexibility needed for demanding applications.

  6. Extended Lifecycle Support: Advantech is committed to providing long-term support for its products. The PCA-6135 is no exception, offering an extended lifecycle to protect your investment and ensure consistent availability for your industrial applications.


  • Industrial Automation: Streamline your industrial automation processes with the robust computing power of the PCA-6135.

  • Manufacturing Control Systems: Enhance the efficiency and reliability of manufacturing control systems with seamless integration and dependable performance.

  • Legacy System Upgrades: Modernize your legacy systems by integrating the PCA-6135, bridging the gap between older and newer technologies.

  • Data Acquisition: Capture and process data with precision, thanks to the high-performance capabilities of this industrial-grade PC104 board.


In summary, the Advantech PCA-6135 ISA PC104 Board stands as a pinnacle of industrial computing, combining reliability, compatibility, and high performance. Elevate your industrial applications with a trusted solution designed to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Choose the Advantech PCA-6135 ISA PC104 Board – where rugged meets reliable, and performance meets precision. Upgrade your industrial computing infrastructure with confidence.

Advantech PCA-6135 ISA PC104 Board - Industrial-Grade Performance and Reliability

  • Brand: Advantech
  • Product Code: PCA-6135
  • Availability: 1000

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