• Delta UB-10-ID16A Terminal Module - Industrial Control & Connectivity Solution

Delta UB-10-ID16A Terminal Module: Streamlined Connectivity and Control

Introducing the Delta UB-10-ID16A Terminal Module, a cutting-edge solution engineered to optimize connectivity and streamline control in industrial applications. Designed with precision and versatility in mind, this module is a cornerstone component for seamless integration into diverse control systems.

Key Features:

  1. High Connectivity: The UB-10-ID16A Module offers extensive connectivity options, featuring 16 input channels for effortless integration into control networks.

  2. Durable Construction: Crafted with robust materials, this module ensures resilience against harsh industrial environments, guaranteeing consistent performance and longevity.

  3. Enhanced Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of controllers and systems, facilitating effortless integration into existing setups.

  4. Efficient Signal Processing: Equipped with advanced signal processing capabilities, enabling swift and accurate data transmission for enhanced operational efficiency.

  5. Intuitive Control Interface: User-friendly interface for easy configuration and monitoring, simplifying management and reducing downtime.

  6. Reliable Performance: Built to Delta's stringent quality standards, ensuring reliable and stable performance under varying operational conditions.


  • Industrial Automation: Ideal for automation tasks in manufacturing, packaging, and processing industries.
  • Control Systems: Suitable for integration into diverse control systems for efficient operation and monitoring.
  • Process Control: Enables precise control and monitoring of industrial processes for optimized performance.

Why Choose Delta UB-10-ID16A Terminal Module?

  1. Unmatched Reliability: Engineered for durability and reliability, ensuring consistent performance even in demanding environments.

  2. Seamless Integration: Offers seamless integration with existing systems, reducing deployment time and enhancing overall efficiency.

  3. Enhanced Flexibility: Versatile compatibility and configuration options cater to a wide array of industrial applications.

  4. Industry-Leading Support: Backed by Delta's commitment to customer satisfaction, providing comprehensive support and service.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Channels: 16
  • Voltage Range: [Insert Voltage Range]
  • Operating Temperature: [Insert Operating Temperature Range]
  • Dimensions: [Insert Dimensions]
  • Certifications: [Compliance with industry standards and certifications]

Elevate your industrial control setup with the Delta UB-10-ID16A Terminal Module, a reliable and adaptable solution designed to meet the demands of modern industrial environments. Experience enhanced connectivity, precise control, and unmatched reliability for your operations.

Delta UB-10-ID16A Terminal Module for AS300 CPU


Digital I/O modules (output/input/mix), analog I/O modules (output/input/mix), 

temperature measurement modules, load cell modules, communication modules, function cards


Digital I/O modules (output/input/mix): 8 , 16 , 32 , 64 I/O

Analog I/O modules (output/input/mix): 4 channel, 8 channel inputs(16-bit) /outputs(12-bit)

Temperature measurement modules: conversion time 200ms/channel, overall accuracy+/-0.1%, resolution0.1°C / 0.1°F(24-bit), 

RTD inputs: Pt100, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni1000, Cu50, Cu100, JPt100, LG-Ni1000, 0~300Ω or 0~3000Ω, thermocouple inputs: J, K, R, S, T, E, N, B type

Load cell modules: independent dual-channel high speed high accuracy load cell modules with 24 bit resolution with 2.5ms response rate

Communication modules (function cards): communication module and CPU support RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Ethernet, CANopen communication

Delta UB-10-ID16A Terminal Module - Industrial Control & Connectivity Solution

  • Brand: Delta
  • Product Code: UB-10-ID16A
  • Availability: 1000

Tags: Delta UB-10-ID16A | Terminal Module | Industrial Control | Connectivity Solution

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