• Delta VFD370C43S 50Kw inverter

Delta VFD370C43S

The VFD-C2000 series is a high performance FOC (Field Oriented Control) AC drive. This drive is extremely versatile with a real built-in PLC, numerous control options, over 300 parameters, predesigned application features, and a large LCD HMI keypad. These features coupled with input voltages of 230/460vac and a HP range of 1-800 make the C2000 a product for markets around the globe.


Delta Products
AC Drives, C2000 Series

VFD370C43S VFD-C2000, 50HP 460V, FOC & TRQ Drive

Item Number: VFD370C43S
Manufacturer: Delta Products
Item Category: Drives
Subcategory: AC
Series: C2000
Nominal Input VAC: 460 Volts AC
Amps (CT): 69 Amps
HP (VT): 50 Horsepower
Amps (VT): 73 Amps
Input Phase: 3
Operator Controls: Keypad Included
Braking Type: DC Injection;Dynamic Braking;AC Line Regenerative
Motor Control-Max Level: Closed Loop Vector
Closed Loop: Yes
AC Line Regenerative?: Yes
Dynamic Braking Trans?: Included
Frame Size: A
Height: 9.84 Inches
Width: 5.12 Inches
Depth: 6.69 Inches

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Delta VFD370C43S 50Kw inverter

  • Brand: Delta
  • Product Code: VFD370C43S
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